Mr. Imran Sharif


IMRAN REHABILITATION CENTRE for Cerebral Palsy, was a vision of the Late Mr. Imran Sharif, aged 28 years, who was also the founder member of the SHARIF HAROON MEMORIAL TRUST.

Owing to the untimely sad demise of Mr. Imran Sharif his vision was fulfilled by his loved ones, especially his parents, in bringing IMRAN REHABILITATION CENTRE working within one and a half months after his sad demise.

Today with the GRACE OF ALLAH, IMRAN REHABILITATION CENTRE is operating a temporary setup, and the construction of a mega C.P complex is under way.


IRC will soon establish a mega C.P. complex which will be first of its kind in Pakistan. The Plan and Drawing of the mega C.P. complex are ready for apporval.

We, at IRC will greatly acknowledge your moral & material support in the construction of this tremandous project. We request you to Donate generously & help us in making this dream come true for special children.

IRC is non-profit making charity working for the benefit of children and adults with Cerebral Palsy. Working in association with Carers, Doctors, Therapists and other Professionals, its aim is to provide advice, care, coaching education, training, treatment therapy and eventually respite care, where necessary, to both cared and carers at centre and at home.


Cerebral Palsay

It refers to a collection of conditions, where there is primarily a disorder of voluntary movement and /or co-ordination. It is not a disease, but caused by damage to the developing brain sometimes before birth, during birth or after birth. It can happen to any child, there is no warning and there is no cure. It is a physical condition that makes muscles hard to control. It does not make one less intelligent but it can make it very hard to communicate or to get around. It can be broadly categorized into three types :

1. SPASTIC: Where there is increased muscle tone and it is most commonly found.
2. ATHETIOD: Where there is disordered movements. Such as short and jerky movement.
3. ATAXIA: Where there is slow and writing movement. Thus a very severe disability affects all four limbs. A correct treatment from an early age can help ease these effects.



All children which cerebral palsy are different, so are their parents. Children with cerebral palsy have the same needs as other children, Love, friendship, attention and encouragement help all children to achieve their potential.

Our immediate target are children of ae 2 yrs, and onwards although below 2 can also enroll if they are diagnosed to his effect. Our scheme will, however, work as follows:

Under the age of 2 yrs.
1. Quarterly check up of the children by a qualified doctor or therapist.
2. Weekly session of therapy for the child and training for parent so that muscles do not deteriorate any further.

Over the age of 2 yrs.
1. Quarterly check up by a qualified doctor or the therapist.
2. Normal kindergarten type programme with more emphasis on physiotherapy and coaching for the child and training for parent.